Hello here! Sooo quick update. 0pp bug still exists. Ainu is down ATM sooo our beatmap mirror is dead too. To fix a lot of issues i will buy a 4TB HDD next month for our own mirror. I hope this fixes some issues. Also I dont have much free time ATM so fixing issues with the server might take some time.

Welcome to Kitosu!

Kitosu! is a private osu! server.
There are many like it, but this one is ours.
Don't you like 🍆?

We have leaderboards.

Online user listing.

Free osu!direct.

Global leaderboards.

and PP for all game modes

Ranking queue for unranked beatmaps.



AC, anticheat guy

with plenty of functions for just about anything, check it out!

And a lot more to come!

Kitosu is the result of the hard work of developers, who got tired about the whole osu! server

Thanks to developers who has help me and make server for us Signing up on Kitosu won't result in getting your account on osu! restricted, so what are you waiting for?! Come join us! 😉

In case you want to make sure we're not doing shady stuff with your data, you can also check the out Source code at GitHub Kitosu is running on.